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Peniel Environmental Solutions is an environmental solutions company specializing in damage restoration serving Dover, NH.

We offer cutting edge technology and 24/7 rapid response services in the event of floods, fires inclement weather and traumatic events. We are further continuing our education to provide all our technicians with the best practices in the industry field of technology. We make it our priority to avoid our  homeowners and commercial property owners have any further upheaval in there life and minimize anymore inconvenience.

Dover is one of New Hampshire's largest cities located on the south eastern border. The city of Dover is filled with rich history dating back to the 17th century. Being located near the coast gave great opportunity for to succeed in the shipbuilding industry in the 1700s. Life in this prospering town flourished in the 19th century as a national leader in the manufacturing  of cotton goods ad continued with successful mill operations into the 20th century. The towns quality of life has continued into present day with an amazing school system, beautiful parks and recreation services, as well as top notch medical facilities.

Peniel Environmental solutions offers Dover, NH

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Asbestos containment and removal is for licensed professionals only. If you suspect that your building or home was built or remodeled with materials containing asbestos, testing for it is the first step.


We pick up the pieces and help you move on.

We were concerned about repeat mold issues and poor services provided by previous mold removal company. Peniel Environmental did a wonderful job in answering our many questions and concerns in advance and were professional and did a great job in removing the mold. We was very satisfied with the customer service and the warranty. And will recommend them in the future.


"Home is where the heart is." We take that phrase very seriously. You wouldn't trust just anyone with your heart; don't trust just anyone with your home.

From simple leakage clean up to larger scale projects such as asbestos removal or fire damage, homeowners can rely on Peniel Environmental's care, compassion, and attention to detail.


Whether you provide services on the road or in-house, operations revolve around your facility or office space. Building damage can cause expensive downtime.

We tend to commercial buildings with the same respect you pay your clients, customers, and employees. Rapid damage restoration minimizes the disastrous impacts on productivity.

Our customers mean the world to us and so does the earth. Sustainable best practices are the standards to which Peniel Environmental adheres ardently. We keep abreast of the latest research in environmental cleanup and damage restoration services.