Black Mold Inspection & Testing is The First Step in It’s Remediation

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Black mold testing is very important in keeping the health of all those involved safe. If they are exposed to black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum), they may develop the following ailments:

  • Development of asthma in children
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Rashes
  • Eye irritation and vision problems
  • Respiratory problems

These risks increase with prolonged exposure to black mold. Testing for black mold when you suspect you have an issue either due to a moldy smell, or due to a visual identification of the mold itself, is the best way to identify how extensive your infestation is. Annual testing of your air quality for black mold during the fall and spring can also minimize these health risks year to year.

What is the Likelihood a Black Mold Test Will be Positive?

Stachybotrys chartarum isn’t as common as benign species of mold, such as Penicillium, Alternaria or Cladosporium. However, it isn’t rare either. New England homeowners and commercial property owners often have to deal with black mold outbreaks during the cooler, moister months of the year.

The exact prevalence of Stachybotrys chartarum is unknown. However, it is high enough that you should conduct a black mold test during the spring, when mold spores are most likely to reproduce. Obviously it goes without saying that anytime you have a reason to suspect black mold is present in your home or building you should seek professional help for it’s testing and removal.

Where Should I Test?

We are very thorough when we test for black mold. However, we begin by testing for black mold in areas where it is most likely to grow.

Mold needs moisture and organic material to survive, so it is most likely to grow in the following areas:

  • Drywall
  • Carpeting
  • Insulation
  • Subflooring
  • Cooler moister areas of the home like in basements and storage rooms

We begin testing for black mold in these parts of your home. If it is detected, we will expand our testing to other areas.

How Do You Test for Black Mold?

There are several ways to test for black mold:

  • Air testing. We take a sample(s) of air from your home and test them for mold spores. This type of black mold test helps us determine whether you have a mold problem, even if you haven’t seen any signs of black mold. Air testing for black mold can help us determine the concentration of mold in your home and the risk it poses to your family.
  • Surface testing. We take swabs or tape lifts of surfaces where black mold is likely to grow, such as HVAC system drain pans, ceiling tiles, ductwork, carpeting, wallboard and cavity walls. While surface tests for black mold can’t identity the concentration like air tests can, they help us identify potential sources.
  • Bulk testing. We can extract pieces of your wallboard, furniture or other materials where black mold tends to grow. We will inspect them to identify the concentration and toxicity of mold spores.

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