Black Mold Removal Costs Vary Depending on a Variety of Factors

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What is the average cost of black mold removal and mitigation for a New England homeowner or property manager? Peniel Environmental can help you understand  the removal process and what affects it’s cost.

What Affects the Cost of Black Mold Removal?

Do you have a mold problem? The costs of removing black mold probably won’t be very high if the problem is easy to diagnose and treat.

Here are some factors that affect black mold removal costs.

Moistures Sources

You have probably noticed that mold is more likely to grow in damper parts of your home, such as your basement or bathroom tiling.

We use sophisticated cameras and moisture mapping technology to identify moisture sources and develop a plan to remove them. The costs of removing black mold will be lower if you don’t have many leaks or other moisture holding sources.

If you have identified any sources of moisture on your own, we encourage you to get rid of them. You may reduce future black mold removal costs.

Level of Infestation

The level of infestation strongly affects the cost of removing black mold. If the infestation is limited to a small surface, we can usually remove it quickly and more affordably. Black mold removal costs are higher if it has spread to a larger surface, or multiple locations throughout the home or building.

Costs are also higher if the spores have contaminated the air. If we find a large black mold infestation, we will extract an air sample to test for spores. We will need to use an air sterilizer to destroy any airborne mold.

Air Duct or Crawlspace Infestations

You may have found some mold while cleaning your HVAC system. Black mold tends to grow in dark, moist areas, such as A/C ducts and crawlspaces. Unfortunately, once mold infestations spread to your HVAC system, mold spores can be spread to the rest of the house.

The cost of removing black mold from air ducts and crawlspaces is higher for several reasons:

  • Depending on their size, the ducts may need to be disassembled.
  • We may need to coat the interior surface with a protective application.
  • If you ran the HVAC system while it was infected with mold, it might have spread spores to other parts of your home. We may need to do additional tests to find other infestations and remove the spores from the air.

Black mold removal costs may be higher if your HVAC system is infested. However, we can reduce the cost by containing the infestation.

Porosity of Surfaces

Standard household cleaners such as ammonia or bleach can’t remove black mold from surfaces with high porosity, such as subflooring or sheetrock. We will need to use more sophisticated biocides on these surfaces and porous materials.

Size of Your Home or Building

The size of your home or building is another major factor that affects black mold removal costs, especially if the spores are airborne. An air sterilizer can eliminate spores within a certain range. However, if you have a larger home or building, we may need to use multiple sterilizers or utilize an alternative method of removal.

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