Understand Attic Mold Removal Cost Breakdowns

Several factors impact the cost of removing mold from your attic, make sure you are informed. let Peniel explain every aspect of your challenge, from NH to MA, to ME, CT and beyond, make us your first, and last call

When deciding on attic mold removal services, cost is probably one of your biggest concerns. Don’t make the mistake many homeowners make and avoid hiring a professional to remove attic mold. The problem can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t take care of it right away. The cost of removing attic mold pales in comparison to the damage mold will cause to your house or your health if improperly handled. You should also know that a number of factors affect attic mold removal costs, which is why your quote is dependent on the specific scenario.

What do we take into consideration when coming up with a quote?


Attics have lots of crawlspaces, nooks and crannies where mold can be hiding. If it’s hiding in a tough to reach place, we may need a mold fogger to clean it. It takes longer to remove mold with one of these specialized tools, which affects the cost. If your attic doesn’t have a lot of hard to reach places, the cost of removing attic mold won’t be as high.

Removing Mold from Other Rooms

Many people think that attic mold isn’t a threat to the rest of the house. They figure that if they just avoid going to the attic, they can pretend it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, spores from your attic can spread to other parts of the house if you wait too long to call us. The spreading of spores to other locations also affects the cost of removing attic mold. If you have an attic mounted heating or cooling system, and mold is present, you must take extreme care to test all locations in your home or business, as these systems typically wind up pulling air from the attic space, intentionally or not, and that means the spores will be travelling throughout the heating or cooling system as well as into the rooms serviced by these systems.

Removing Attic Mold Spores from the Air

If we find a mold infestation anywhere in your house, we will extract air samples to test for spores. Depending on the concentration, we may need to use an air scrubber to remove the spores from the air. The cost of removing attic mold won’t be as high if the spores aren’t airborne.

Mold Resistant Coating

Some forms of mold can seem impossible to get rid of. Even after you’ve destroyed it at the source, some lingering spores may attach to your wall, ceiling or subflooring and begin growing again.

The good news is that we can treat these surfaces with titanium nitride, nickel cobalt, hard chrome or other mold coatings or sprays. Together we can determine the best path forward to clean living.

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Asbestos containment and removal is for licensed professionals only. If you suspect that your building or home was built or remodeled with materials containing asbestos, testing for it is the first step.


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