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Water & Storm Damage

Peniel Environmental Solutions dries up your water problems so you can reclaim your space.

Fire & Smoke Damage

You've had a house fire but you're okay. Rapid response to fire damage is of critical importance

Mold Removal

Mold growth in the home can be a major issue, not only for health reasons but for your quality of life.

Meet the Team

Meet Your Estimator Brandon King!

Brandon King was born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire. He worked as a technician for another company, and quickly advanced to Operations Manager. During that time he oversaw a crew of more than 20 technicians and assistant technicians. Brandon managed both commercial and residential projects while ensuring a smooth customer service experience.

Now Brandon works here, at Peniel Environmental, where he is our Director of Mitigation.

"One of my proudest moments working for Peniel would be when I was responding to an elderly woman's water damaged home. When I arrived, she was in tears that her home had so much damage. Over the course of three days, our team turned those tears into a smile. We took great care to preserve as much of the home as possible; she was pleased with the care we provided. Helping people each day makes me proud of what I do!"

One of Brandon's most embarrassing times at Peniel would be when he was excited about winning a difficult job....

“I came downstairs to make a copy and since I was excited about winning the job, I jumped on the last step and smacked my head on the door frame causing me to fall to the ground”

Working at Peniel has been great, lots of learning, fun, and excitement. I've learned 3 valuable lessons here 1. Don't let your failures define you. 2. If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door! And 3. Never stop learning!

When Brandon is not in the office or the field, he's usually enjoying his family. He is an avid hockey player, and you may also find him on the golf course.


Meet Your Estimator Earl Cook!

Earl Cook has been with Peniel Environmental since its inception as a testing and brokerage company since 2008. Earl worked for many national and local businesses offering similar services to Peniel but didn’t feel comfortable with service levels or customer support. That is when Earl with his wife and owner of the company decided to bring Peniel to the service side of the industry, offering water/fire/ mold mitigation, asbestos removal contaminated soil removal, chemical clean up, trauma scene clean up and clandestine lab cleanup to the fore front of services offered by Peniel.

During their nine years in business, Peniel has grown to be a 35-person company. Earl bases the success of Peniel to the team of people he surrounded himself and the company with during its growth.

Earls responsibilities now include looking at projects for particular clients as well as large and small projects that fall into what we call specialty projects throughout New England and upstate NY. Helping to build relationships throughout our industry building a stable future for his family.

When not work (which isn’t often) Earl enjoys kayaking, camping, vacationing with his wife. Earl and Gail both love spending time with their Daughter Tanya who is Peniel’s book keeper, Brandon who is an estimator/project manager for the company, Lauren, our daughter in-law who handles our social media, our three granddaughters and two dogs Nala and Sadie who you will see traveling with Earl regularly. Earl Currently resides in Wilton with eyes on a summer house on Lake Champlain.

Meet Your Estimator Brandon Cook!

Brandon Cook has been with Peniel Environmental for six years. Before Peniel Environmental, Brandon was working at Alene Candles in Milford as a line leader. He managed crews up to six people on the production end of candle making. After working at Alene for about four years, Brandon got offered the opportunity to work in the field at his father's company Peniel Environmental. Brandon became focused on learning as much as he could and using it to help him move up in the enterprise.

Brandon worked in the field for about four years; where he was able to learn more about mold, asbestos, crime scene, water, and fire jobs. Brandon then moved up to be an account manager, estimating, and sales. He loves sales and now focused on building a larger book of business and continuing to grow Peniel. Working at Peniel has helped develop his networking and speaking skills tremendously. One of Brandon's favorite things about Peniel would be our "e will take care of you aspect because we always try to make sure our customers are satisfied before the job is complete." One of Brandon's proudest moments at Peniel, "I was at a client's house with other inspectors, and mold professionals and no one was able to identify where the mold was coming from except for me."

When Brandon is not working for Peniel, he enjoys being outside. He enjoys hiking with his wife Lauren and dog Parker. Camping with family, and when he is not with his wife or dog he likes mountain biking, and golfing.

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24/7 Emergency Restoration

Call 603-801-6526 for 24/7 emergency restoration for New Hampshire disasters!

Disasters, natural or not, can happen in the blink of an eye. Peniel Environmental knows that this is the case for things like floods, or fires. We want you and your family to stay safe and get the best disaster restoration possible whenever you need it.

We offer cutting edge technology and 24/7 rapid response services because we are deeply concerned about the importance of time in such urgent situations as floods, fires, inclement weather and traumatic events.

With our emergency restoration we provide our customers 24/7 services for water damage, fire damage, and smoke damage!

Call  603-801-6526

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